GREAT Corporate War Game and Mini Tournament

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26th June 2010

GREAT held their Corporate Wargame and a Mini Tournament at the Cyberjaya Paintball Part on Saturday 26th June.  Some 55 players participated. It was a hot day, but everybody enjoyed the event.

Thanks for having us to this event. We really enjoyed serving you.

Do come back...

Cyberjaya Paintball launch!

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On 9th of May 2010, on a not so shiny day  , (thank god, it was cool and breezy), Cyberjaya Paintball held its official launching. It was a simple event with foods and music but whats most fun was everybody enjoeyd their stay and had a  blast in the field having skirmishes in the urban field and the recball field. 

The day started with with the arrival from MPSepang and Cyberview officials and their team members. They had a mini tour of Cyberjaya Paintball field with Zul and Jamal escorting and explaining (not sure what are the details but i'm sure most of them are crap.. haha .. just kidding).  Then , followed by a speech from Tuan Haji Yunos bin Khasib , Pengarah Perancangan Pembangunan of MPSepang, representing MPSepnag's Yg Dipertua and En Ir Hafidz Hashim, CEO of Cyberview.  Once again, we from Cyberjaya Paintball are truly greatful to MPSepang and Cyberview as without them, Cyberjaya Paintball would just be a dream not realized. Once speech is over(finally!!! , wheww) , we have Afnan to recite doa. To officially mark the launching of Cyberjaya Paintball, we have Tn Haji Yunus and En Ir Hafidz Hashim to shoot some paints in our not completed speedball field lol. 

With all that formal stuff over, the most awaited session for arrives, its paintball time!! It started with MPSepang and Cyberview splatting each other for 2 rounds. Surprise surprise, eventhough MPSepang is the better team but they lost 1 of the rounds where last man standing from Cyberview managed to take down 3 of MPSP left.

Then we had 3 rounds of sessions in the recball fields. Can't describe what happened heh as there's too much to say. To make it easier, view the pics below. hehe.
However the weather was against us soon after the 3rd session in the recball field as heavy downpour came in. But players and visitors are already in for a treat as we have free flow of food and drinks. We mingled around chatting while waiting for the rain to stop and of course while digging in the free fnb as well.

Overall, the launching was a success. Congratulations to Cyberjaya Paintball!!

VIPs officiating the launch.

MPSP Team ready for action

Cyberview Team showing how its done

VIPs from MPSP and Cyberview

Ready for launch!

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woot!! we're now busy preparing for our 9th May launch folkss!!. I guess most of you guys know this already by the time u guys read this hehe. But for those who don't , this weekend, sunday 9th , we'll be doing a mini ceremony to launch our newly  Cyberjaya Paintball Parl. for more info , hop on to this link - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=373215814599

there'll be exhibitional game between MPSP & Cyberview, *waived field and air refills for registered players and free food!! 

brought to you by Cyberjaya Paintball!

DRY RUN - success!

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Yes, that is right! We have just concluded our first dry run on the 18th of April 2010. Attended by almost 30 recballers, experienced and new , we had a blast testing out the recball fields. 
A BIG thank you to those that came and made it a success.  

p/s: hope all enjoyed their lunch as well hehe.

To those that came and tested out the fields , we would appreciate feedbacks from all of you. 

A glimpse of the event - here

1st Post!!

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Cyberjaya Paintball Park is still under construction. We will be providing updates with when time permits. So stay tune and always come back to check on us.

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