... to those who are curious about paintball or Cyberjaya Paintball itself. 

I am new to paintball. How to play the game of paintball?

Paintball is a game for everyone – regardless of age, sex, physical size, athletic skill and econmony background. Just come to our park and we’ll introduce you to the exciting and challenging games of paintball. For better arrangement of your team, please call /email/SMS/whatsapp  us in advance to reserve a time and date of your preference.


What is the minimum or maximum number of players per game?

In paintball, the more people you can play with, the more fun the game will be - but we never limit the minimum or maximum number of people to play. We can cater for whatever number of people want to play, and we  could arrange a suitable game depending on the number of people.

As a basis for planning, we suggest a group of 10, so we could have 5 people in a team.


What is your operating hours?

Operating hours are from sun rise to sun down. Sadly, we don’t have  lights available to cater for night games for now. 

We open 7 days a week (including public holiday) except on the first week of Syawal. For weekdays and holidays, we accept reservation with at least 3 days notice in advance.


Do we need a special suit to play?

You dont need any uniform or special suit to play. Just wear long sleeve shirt and long pant with comfortable sport shoe . Please note that you will get dirty, so its advisable to NOT wear your good shirt or pant for the game. If possible, bring extra shirt and pant as well, so you can change cloth after the games. The club has a proper shower room for your convenience.


Can l play if I've never played paintball before? 

Everybody was a beginner before. Don’t worry if you are a beginner or never play before. The park is operated and managed by avid paintballers who love paintball and are willing to share you all the knowledge they have. The marshalls and facillitators will show you how to appreciate and enjoy the game of paintball in a safe and controlled environment.


I see the pricing and package but I don’t really understand. Please explain.

All our packages are per person basis.


Player package (Basic, Starter, Package500 and Package1000) includes a paintball marker (paintball gun + hopper + high-pressured air), face mask and field access to all fields. Games facilitators and field marshall are included.


The Basic package has only the necessary equipments but with no pellet. Pellets can be purchased separately, This package is suitable for large team with varying skill levels.


Starter Pack includes the same equipment as Basic Package, plus about 150 pellet (i.e 1 full loader) enough for 1 or 2 games depending on how many pellet you shoot per game. This package is suitable for new player who just wants to have a try in paintball or for group with limited time.

Package500 and Package1000 are similar to Starter Pack, except that Package500 includes 500 pellets and Package1000 includes 1000 pellet. This package is suitable for experienced player and is suitable for tournament-based games or corporate event. 

Can I share a package with my friend?

All our package is based on per person. You cannot share your equipment and field access with your friend. However, you can share your pellets with your friend.


Only registered player who has paid and signed the indemnity form can play.

Who should I contact for further information? 

You can always call the general line at 012-606-6255 or send email to info@cyberjayapaintball.com. or rusmina@cyberjayapaintball.com  If you need direct answer, walk-in to the park and our personnel are available to answer your question.


If you cant get through on the general line, please check the main page for additional contact number. Or visit our Facebook/CyberjayaPaintball.


Is paintball a safe sport? 

In Cyberjaya Paintball, safety is our utmost priority. We have trained marshalls and crews to ensure and enforce safety from the moment you step into the park. Before the start of the games, we will have a safety and games briefing to walkthrough the safety procedure, rules of the games and tips of playing paintball


Statistically, paintball is safer than soccer, rugby and hockey. Paintball is a safe sport because 3 inter-related component:- we have standard and approved equipment; rules and regulation to ensure safety; and smart people who use the equipment properly and adhere to the rules and regulation.


Remember, safety always starts from you.

What is the minimum age to play?  Can kids play paintball. 

Minimum age to play paintball in an open games is 8 years old. The kids must be able to fit nicely in the paintball mask and able to carry and use the paintball marker by his/her own.

A child has to get a consent from his/her parent or authorised guardian for the event to play the game of paintball. 


What kind of games rules you use/follow? 

For simplicity and easy acceptance to general public, we use standard Malaysia National Paintball League rules to determine the rules and regulation pertaining to games. But the rules can be tailored as per your requirements (eg upper body shot for elimination, face-mask violation penalty, etc) as long as no breach on safety considerations.


Can we use the Club facilities?

FYI, Cyberjaya Paintball is part of Kelab Komuniti Taman Tasik Cyberjaya. The club itself has sports facilities (badminton, tennis, squash, qymnasium) and recreational facilities (swimming pool, children playground,pool tables, etc), plus hotel-standard coffee-house and large ball-room. It also has a golf driving range and go-kart track.


You can use the general facilities (toilet, shower room, surau) for FREE. For other facilities, you have to pay directly to the club.

What is the standard itinerary for team-building/outing/family day?

Based on past experiences, following are the preferred arrangement for family day/team building for our corporate customers:

8-9am : breakfast

9-10am : briefing, stretching, team formation, and team activities

10am-12pm : games (number of games depending on the arrangement and requirement)

12-2pm : lunch

Arrangement can be made for morning or evening session.

Package can be tailored for your need.


I am not familiar with Cyberjaya. Can you give direction?

The park is inside the Kelab Komuniti Taman Tasik Cyberjaya and next to Majlis Perbandaran Sepang new office and MMU.  Signboards for those 3 landmarks are hard to be missed once you've reach Cyberjaya.


You may also view here or use googlemaps / GPS for directions.

How long is the duration of the game?

The actual play time is from 5-15 minutes per games depending on the type of the games and number of people. On average, each person normally plays about 3-4 games. Taking account on the briefing, preparation and in-between rest, normal session will last about 2-4 hours, depending on the type of games, how fast can you play between games and how much paintball pellet you have.