Our Fields


Cyberjaya Paintball park is a well-equipped, modern paintball park with many facilities for the convenience of the players and spectators.


We have a speedball field, and recball fields with varying bunkers and difficulty levels to cater for players of different skills level and needs.



Our tournament-size speedball field has air-filled bunkers with variation of field layouts for unlimited challenges. The bunker locations are mirrored on each side, with out-of-bound clearly mark on the ground. 

The speedball field has a level field  with well-maintained grass, safe for sliding, gliding or just strolling. We don’t cut cost on getting the bunkers too – we use Eclipse tournament grade bunkers to ensure continuous, non-interruption games.




Once you are already here, don’t forget to try our urban-assault field, with mirror-like bunkers made from planks and steel drums. You will have the best of both speedball and recball fields in this one rugged, intimidating field.



We have over 3 acres of maiden jungle for recball fields, with many different terrains, vegetations and shades to accommodate varying needs of our customer. Just bring your camou and you will blend in nicely with your surrounding.


Our favorite recball field has small vegetations with generous number of man-made bunkers, suitable for the beginners, small groups and tournaments. 

The advance players love the thicker jungle with lots of natural bunkers, low direct visibility and many accommo

dating shades. Wear your best camouflage suits and you could be a natural chameleon. And we never stop the beginners from trying this field too.

For more thrill seekers, we have more dense jungle to instill the true sense of guerilla warfare. If they say Gua Musang was the deadliest armed-force mission area in the 70s, then this is the Gua Musang of Cyberjaya.



But fear

And if you are wonder on the safety of the spectators and the bystanders around the field, don’t worry! All our fields covered with 18ft paintball approved net, with 20ft steel poles fixed to 6ft underground concrete base for safety. Some of the area has double-layer netting for additional safety. 

not! The whole park perimeter is fenced with steel mash wire to prevent wild animal from entering the field, and to prevent ‘wild’ player from wondering outside the playing field (we really don’t want our player wondering next to KL-Putrajaya Highway with a marker in his hand).



 Try any, or all the fields, and you will come for more.