Tournament Rules



1.      Objective of the game:

·         To capture the middle flag and bring it to the opponent’s side within 3 minutes.

·         Total of 100 points is allocated per game based on the following calculation

 i.      5 points for each player that survive. Thus, if all 3 players survive, the team will get 6 points


 ii.      5 points for each opponent that you have eliminated. Thus, if all 3 opponents have been eliminated, the team will get 12 points


 iii.      20 points given to the 1st team that capture the flag


 iv.      50 points given to the team that manages to hang the flag at opponent’s side within 3 minutes.


2.      Team:

·         1 team will consist of 5 registered players; only 3 will be playing at any game, with 2 others can be assign as reserve players.

·         The competition are open to students and staff from the institute of higher learning:-

o   University students

o   College students

o   Maktab Perguruan

o   Training centers

·         Two division are available

o   Mixed

o   Ladies


3.      Elimination:

·         Hits to any part of the body including hand and leg

·         Hits to marker is not considered as an elimination

·         Leaving the field boundary for any reason results in an elimination


4.      Safety

·         Players MAY NOT physically touch another player, including no barrel tagging

·         Goggles must be on at all times on the field

·         Barrel socks must be on at all time in the spawn point or players area

·         Goggles must be in contact with the face and properly secured to be considered "worn."

·         Players violating goggle safety rules will result his team as


5.      Paintball Marker Safety

·         Paintball markers will have a barrel blocking device in use before and after game.

·         Barrel sock can only be remove upon instruction from Marshall

·         Barrel sock must be applied before leaving the field




1.      Game Start


1.1  Ten Second Warning.

The Head Ref on the field will begin game by saying Field Remove your barrel protection and get ready for the ten (10) second warning.  The Head Ref will then say ten (10) second warning in 3, 2, 1, 10 second warning so that each team may hear clearly such warning.


1.2  Markers.

Players must have the barrels of their markers touching Gate. Players must start in front or the side of, but not behind the break out board with markers touching the Gate


1.3  Game Start.

The Head Ref will give such warning with a countdown of get ready for 10 second warning then ten (10) seconds in “Three, two, one, ten-seconds.”  Thereafter, the game will start by the Head Ref shouting so that each team may hear, by radio or otherwise, either, “Game on”, or “Go, go, go”.


1.4  Time.

Official game time will be kept by a Field Ref appointed thereby.   In the event that a game is to be interrupted because of a medical emergency, or otherwise, the Head Ref will mark the time or cause the Field Ref appointed thereby to keep the official game time to mark the time.






2.      Game Stoppages


2.1  False Start.

In a situation where a false start happens due to a Referee mistake or miscommunication, the Head Ref will stop the game and restart as if the game had never started.


2.2  Reasons for Game Stoppage.

Only the Head Ref may declare the game stopped.  Game stoppages will only occur in case of an emergency, dangerous weather conditions, other “acts of God” or a physical altercation on the game field.


3.      Game End


3.1  Cease Shooting.

Players may not fire their markers following:

 i.      an instruction from a Field Ref to cease fire;

 ii.      a successful touching of the opponent’s Flag Station;

 iii.      the completion of the game time.


3.2  Inspection.

All live players at the end of a game must present themselves to a Field Ref for inspection.  At this time, a Field Ref will inspect the player for hits, and if any are found, the Head Ref will be notified, and proper penalties will be assessed.


3.3  Game End.

A game will end only by the Head Ref on the field announcing, “Game over” or “Set Over”.



4.      Touching The Opponent’s Flag Station


4.1  Calling Time.

When a player touches the opponent flag station, the Flag Ref immediately calls time and the time of the call is recorded.  The Flag-Ref then paint checks the player.


4.2  Player With a Hit

If the player touching the opponent’s flag station is found to have a hit, the proper penalties will be assessed.  In the event that after a penalty has been assessed, there is remaining live player available, the time will restart and the live player will continue to touch the opponent’s Flag station in under the time remaining on the clock.   In the event that after a penalty has been assessed, and there is no live player available, the game is considered null and void.  In the event that after a penalty has been assessed, and there insufficient live player available, the set point will automatically awarded to the opponent.   


4.3  Game End.

If the player touching the opponent’s flag station is found not to have a hit, then set point will be successful and the set will be declared over as of the time the flag carrier touched his or her opponent’s flag station.


5.      Marked with Paint


5.1  A player will be eliminated if such player is marked with paint. 


5.2  A player is marked with paint if a paintball shot out of a paintball marker by any live player, including members of the opposing team or a player’s own team strikes that player or anything he or she is wearing or carrying and the paintball breaks upon the object struck and leaves a paint mark. 


5.3  If a Referee does not see a paintball shot by a live member of the opposing team or the player’s own team strike that player or anything he or she is wearing or carrying, but that player or that player’s equipment is marked with paint, then such player will be eliminated.  Generally, if the paint marking is reasonably solid and the size of a fifty cents coin, it will be considered a valid hit. If a referee witnesses the ball hit and break and leaves paint less then a quarter size it will be considered a valid hit.


5.4  Conversely, a player will not be eliminated if a player is hit and marked by a paintball shot by an eliminated member of the opposing team or if a paintball strikes the player or anything he is wearing or carrying but does not break or if a paintball strikes another object first and breaks upon that object before marking a player or anything he/she is wearing or carrying.